Laila Colvin


Laila is a multi-talented full service interior design professional who has worked on more than 80 projects, designing everything from single rooms to entire homes and condos.

She is known for her creativity, attention to detail, “can do” attitude and out-of-the-box thinking.

Laila is a financial, as well as design specialist. She handles a variety of accounting and budgeting responsibilities for 2id Interiors.

She is a “self taught” interior design success story. Her professional and educational background was in fashion and graphic design, but she gained “on the job” interior design training when she bought and remodeled an old house in Hollywood, FL.

Laila made a seamless transition to interior design following a highly successful earlier career in surface and fashion design. In that career she developed patterns for everything from bedding to clothes, creating designs that were adopted by such international brands as the Gap, Nordstroms, Victoria’s Secret and Hallmark.

She acquired a variety of skills in her earlier career that serve her so well now. Her clients today benefit from the color and fabric knowledge, and the creative, artistic, graphic design and technical skills she gained.

Laila earned a fashion and graphic design degree while attending a university in her native Brazil.